Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Increasing Visitors to your Blog

Blog Traffic

In the field of online earning traffic plays a great role. Let’s take a simple example to understand the importance of visitors to your website or blog. Suppose a man has opened a new stationery shop with a great investment in it. But due to lake of advertisement he does not get any customer. As we all knows the importance of customers to any business. Now there are two possibilities for this stationer, whether properly advertise or close the shop.
Same is the case with your blog because without visitors it is impossible to earn from your blog. So there must be a proper way of advertising of your blog to increase the visitors. Here the term advertising does not mean that you spend money on advertising channels to make your blog famous. But most of the newbie’s perform such kind of acts to increase the traffic to their blog. So always avoid such kind of advertising channels.
With the help of this post I want to share a simple trick which will save your money on advertising and as well increase visitors to your blog.
Trick is explained in few lines as under:

1.     Go to Google search engine
2.     Write “topic of your any post” “..recently posted”
3.     Search engine will show the list of new posted blogs
4.     Comment on each blog with your email and blog address.
You’re this act of commenting on these new posts will also attract visitors to the post of your blog which you have mentioned on above short trick. This was all about my way of advertising. Enjoy with your new visitors.