Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blogging Tips

Starting a blog is easy but you must have to know its basic knowledge. You should know what a blog is? What is the main difference between blog and a website? The answer is quite simple that a blog is what which attract the visitors with the contents in it, and the difference between the blog and a website is that blog includes posts and updates about anything, whereas a website do not update on the regular basis.
Starting a blog without having any knowledge, there is no way you can make it successful, so you must have the basic knowledge for it. That’s why I’m here for your help. I’m going to share some tips for beginners.

Blogging Tips for beginners


It is the main heading of the whole contents you are going to write about in your blog. If you are going to create a blog related to online earnings, your blog Title should be related to online earning like “onlineearning” So carefully choose your Title.

Choosing a domain name

When you have decided your Blog’s Title, it’s time to register a domain name. You should choose .com or .net. Acceptable domain providers are Go daddy and NameCheap. Choose available domain according to your title. E.g. or If you have chosen your domain then register it. Now you required a good hosting service provider for it. I strongly recommend you to use HostGator Hosting Service. This is the best hosting program. 

Choosing a platform and theme

The best platform to start a blog is WordPress. There are also more platforms for blogging like Blogger, Drupal. WordPress is a powerful and professional script to make a blog. There are many readymade free plugins, themes and widgets. So you have to choose WordPress as a platform for your blog. Just go for themes that are simple, fast and SEO Friendly.

Posting unique articles and make them attractive 

When you have completely setup your blog, start posting. Your heading should be written carefully. Your article must be in simple English and make it understandable for all of your users from all over the world. Post articles in such a way that which can only be found on your blog, don’t copy paste them from another blog. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your posts, headings, title must be SEO Friendly. SEO is the main cause of a successful blog. Use minimum 5 tags for each post, which will help users to find your post on your blog or search engines.

How to Earn from Blog?

When your blog start having good traffic, you can apply online for some Advertising Networks which I have mention in my older posts. Once they approved your application then put their advertisements on your blog, you will start getting a good income from your blog.

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