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Now a days everyone is interested in online earning to standardize their living but does not knows how to start and from where to start. The first and foremost important thing in online earning is the choose of right platform to perform your task. Many of our friends choose wrong and unpopular platforms and spend their whole time in performing their tasks through these platforms. At last by spending much time they come to know that they have earned nothing. To get rid of such issues you have to select right and famous platforms. With the help of my this post i suggest blogging as the best one to earn money. 

Blogging A Brief Description


As you have heard this many times in your daily life that some one is earning through blogging. In this time you have a question that what is blogging and how you can earn through this?
The answer is quit simple that it is a platform provided by Google (blogger) where you have to just open an account and start posting your ideas and share with the world . Few things must be kept in mind regarding your new blog.
  • The first thing is the selection of name for your blog. Suppose i have a blog naming Online Earning Hub that consist of only posts regarding online earning not like that blog is about online earning and you are posting your information about tourism. So always take care of such things. 
  • Second thing is that your each post regarding the topis must be up to 300 words to get smart rating of your blog.
  • Third thing is that don't copy others ideas or not copy from websites, that will cause negative impact on your blog.  
  • Forth thing is that try to get more then 500 visitors daily to Adsense account approval.
  • Fifth thing is about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Use standard tools and relevant descriptions about your posts so that your blog will appear in search engines.
Now if your blog appears in search engine and you have handsome number of visitors then the last thing is that you must apply for Google Adsense Account.

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